Born into the restaurant business over 42 years ago at his father's restaurant, Rossario's, Ross Parisi has started a brand of his own when his father retired, Rossi's Pizza and Vintage Arcade.

Rossi's harkens back to a simpler time with good experiences and a focus on customer service. A good day for Ross is having a customer come in and experience something they hadn't seen in over 30 years. The excitement and memories really bring about the message he tries to drive home. The restaurant's legacy is so well rooted that people from out of state frequently make the pilgrimage out to get a glimpse at the retro-futurama that is provided.

Most people come in expecting a cookie-cutter pizza joint with bowling alley style arcade games, but when they actually enter the building, they see so much more. The history, cleanliness, and condition of everything usually catches people off guard to see history so well preserved. Every wall is adorned with something from times gone by, and every piece of wall candy has a story behind it. Every game, such as Death Race, is well maintained and gives off that retro CRT glow. Some games, like Ninja Turtles, are even customized for the restaurant! The pinball room is gives off a trippy vibe with it's funky lighting and disco balls.

With the help of his partner, Kevin, the restaurant proudly features a cracker thin crust pizza, just like the ones you had when you were a kid at a birthday party. But this is no ordinary pizza. This MONSTER of a pizza clocks in at 30 inches! At that size and thinness it's an impressive feat to keep it turning out perfect, which they do every time! In addition to pizza, the restaurant even serves ice cream year round! The flavors are equally as unique as the restaurant as well with such hits as Dark Side of The Moon, and, Ross' favorite, Eggnog.

A trip to Rossi's isn't completely without a trip to the bathroom, seriously! The bathroom is covered in wall candy, and has a unique feedback feature; You can write on the walls! Ross checks the walls for fun messages and feedback from his customers really driving home just how important customers are to him and the restaurant.

On the docket are plans to bring the Rossi's experience to a slightly larger location. Rossi's frequently hosts birthday parties with other events planned in the future. Please call for booking information for your parties or events!

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    Galactic Battleground at Rossis Pizza

    Galactic Battleground at Rossi's Pizza

    June 30, 2018, 3:00pm - July 14, 2018, 8:00pm

    4503 Monona Dr, Monona, WI 53716-1050, United States Map

    Attention pilots! Slackerz Inc's Galactic Battleground will be landing at Rossi's Pizza on June 30th for a special Wisconsin Premiere with the help of Star Worlds Arcade! Report for duty (and fun)! Here's your mission briefing:

    Take the GBG Tapout Challenge: the most taps in 10 seconds, and win a GBG t-shirt! Better start your tap training now!

    Play in the Galactic Battleground Tournament and bring home some official GBG, Rossi's Pizza, and Star Worlds Arcade gear!

    Special Galactic Battleground Bites will be available from Rossi's Pizza to refuel between space battles!

    Don't forget to share your galactic experiences! Snap a picture then hashtag #GalacticBattleground and mention Galactic Battleground on Instagram to be entered in a GBG swag giveaway!

    Slackerz Inc., Rossi's Pizza, and Star Worlds Arcade teams will also be on site hanging out and available to challenge!

    Galactic Battleground will stay at Rossi's for a limited time after the premiere.

    Prepare for battle (and pizza) pilots!

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